Hi Readers,

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that I am alive. 2013 was a very difficult year when it came to my health which has continued into 2014. Namely I have suffered from multiple respiratory infections that have left me on inhalers and puffers. My doctors and I have been hard at work managing the systems and the root cause. It has been over a year since the first signs of what was to come began. I’d thought they would give me a pill and I’d be back to normal however that is not how this has moved forward. Throughout this I’ve had to put my health before my often hectic schedule. This is one of the reasons there has been a slowdown in my activeness and communication.

I’ve continued working on author advocacy which is a cause near and dear to me.

I haven’t stop writing. I’ve continued to work on books but the pace has been slower than I’m used to. Slower than you’ve been used to from me. I’m still committed to ensuring that each book I put out is better than the last because you’re worthy of only the best from me. I’m not at this time able to provide estimated release dates but will keep you posted of progress.

I appreciated your patience and support.

Thank you,

a.c. Mason