finished, The Austrian Duke.

Here is the draft blurb

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Two souls that swore off love find passion and acceptance… but will they let go of past pain to hold on to each other?
Three years ago after a grueling case and a heartbreaking romance, forensic accountant Meira Evans left Austria for good, returning hom

e to her family in New York. But Christoph Croy’s persuasive sales pitch and subsequent correspondence has her Austria-bound again. And for all the wrong reasons. The man, the enigma, and the unexplainable chemistry between them has her tangled in a mess she doesn’t quite grasp. So why doesn’t that matter when she’s with him…
Director of Croy Bank’s investment portfolio, Christoph Croy, Duke of Croy needs the skills of someone who can track a glitch—a costly one that could ruin his family. At the top of the candidate list is Meira Evans the ex-lover of Waldburg, the man who betrayed him. Meira’s presence offers Christoph a chance at revenge and an impartial audit that will save face for the bank. So why are those the furthest things from his mind when he’s with her…
Since Meira’s arrival, they’ve barely spent a moment apart, and Christoph finds balance sheets aren’t the only thing he wants her handling. Though both are wary of being let down again, they find themselves unable to keep their hearts closed off. At least until the accounts are reconciled when they both will have to face their pasts or return to their separate lives