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Free-Easter-Sunday-2013 The Aequitas, part angel and demon, have kept the balance between the forces of good and evil — until now.

When Etienne Grant is kidnapped and transformed into an Aequitas, marriage to Auria is the only thing that will save his soul.
Auria is a beautiful but efficient Aequitas, a General who wants nothing to do with love. A former lover has plans to prevent any hope of happiness with her new husband, and after murdering his own best friend and forcing Auria to join his rebellion, the balance between good and evil spirals out of control.

Can Etienne’s tenderness melt Auria’s cold heart and heal the pain of their secret pasts? Their very survival depends on it.

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Find the sequel Aequitas Punishment: Goodreads | Amazon

Review Tour Sins of the Undead Patriot

Sins of the Undead Patriot

sinsoftheundeadpatriotTo save the President, Vaihan must trust the woman who betrayed him.

Vaihan Louchian, Ancient Zombie and Special Advisor to the President, dabbles in contracts for Homeland Security in Washington DC, the only remaining demilitarized zone. His latest mission: to seduce delectable Leera Waltz so he can take down her boyfriend Rowley, leader of the anti-zombie terrorist movement. Vaihan and the President work the Bill of Undead Rights through the Senate, but terrorist attacks rise. The futures of the living and undead are in jeopardy, and Ms. Waltz is not all she seems. Vaihan can’t help being more interested in rescuing her than in his assignment. Any human female who’s willing to put up with the complications of lovemaking with him and his bouts of OCD is worth the hassle.

Vaihan is powerful, intelligent and kind. So not what Leera expected of an undead. When she’s forced to betray Vaihan, she knows he will never understand. She must return to Rowley, and slips deeper into the city’s dark underworld. Then Vaihan’s suspected in an assassination attempt against the President, and Leera has to find the courage to do what’s right and save him, or lose not only Vaihan and the leader of the free world, but her heart and soul.

WARNING: Questionable sexual situations that will disturb some readers, such as abuse, bondage and drug use. Graphic violence and sex, including taboo play. M/F. M/F/M. M/M. And the sexiest undead civil servant you’ll ever meet.


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Surrendering to His Mrs. Right

Surrendering To His Mrs.  Right_300x200When Tim Boyd is asked to pick up Indy Kent a few days before Christmas, his interest in his brother Liam’s best friend is all tied up in knots. And for once in his life he’s unwilling to deny himself for the sake of his family.

Indy Kent comes home for the holidays heartbroken at the knowledge that her best friend, Liam, is finally serious about another woman. But she finds comfort and a spark with Tim.
To Tim’s surprise, Indy seems to welcome the chance to spend time with him. Soon, something more is brewing…that is, until Liam returns.

New Year’s sends Tim, Indy and Liam into a tailspin that will alter them forever, and their lives will hang in the balance…

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Dot arrived with a tray. “When I explained to Aunty Bee that your date here had never had cobbler, she made me wait for a fresh one.” Removing the utensils, pie slices covered in ice-cream and cups of coffee items, she arranged them in front of them.

A man seated at the counter gaze travelled over Indy and then shot Tim a glare. He shook his head and looked away.

Her date? Tim made eye contact but didn’t correct the woman. Did it matter what other people thought? Perhaps it was a compliment that the women thought she could snag Dr. Tim Boyd.

“Enjoy,” Dot said.

“Thanks. We will.” Indy opened two packets of sweetener and emptied them into her black coffee. “There’s a technique to eating peach cobbler. You need to get the right ratio of crust, peach and ice-cream on the spoon.”

“And what’s the right ratio?” Tim asked.

“It’s different for everyone. I like to make sure part of my ice-cream has melted into the peaches and crust before I start. By the end, the melted ice-cream is filled with brown sugar, peach juices and a few rogue oats.”

“Do you mind doing a spoon up to give me an example?” He held out his utensil for her. “I’d hate to miss out on this experience.”

The idea was intriguing. Set up a blend of the tastes for him experience the time to pop his cherry, so to speak. She picked up his spoon, scooped a thin amount of crust, some peaches and ice-cream. When she lifted it and brought it forward, Tim opened his mouth and his full lips covered the spoon. His gaze locked with hers as she pulled the spoon out.

A broad smile spread across his lips and a thrill shot through to her toes. Tim was so freaking hot.

Only seven days left to enter The First Annual Abalone Awards

AA_CIMRWA***Permission to Forward***

 The First Annual Abalone Awards

for Published and Unpublished Writers


The Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural Special Interest Chapter of RWA is pleased to announce we are extending our submission deadline for the first annual Abalone Awards. The purpose of The Abalone Awards contest is to professionally uplift and support writers and recognize outstanding unpublished and published works of Ethno-Cultural Romance.

The submission deadline has been extended to February 17, 2013 at midnight PST.

Entry Fee(s): CIMRWA members – $15.00, RWA members – $20.00, All others – $25.00.


The Abalone Awards for Unpublished Writers (AAUW) Judges


Contemporary Single Title ***Shannon Criss,  Assistant Editor, Harlequin Kimani
Contemporary Series ***Brenda Chin, Senior Editor, Harlequin Blaze
Erotic Romance ***Mercedes Fernandez, Assistant Editor, Kensington Publishing Corporation
Romance Novella ***Whitney Mae, Associate Editor, Ellora’s Cave
Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Romance  ***Christa Desir, Editor, Samhain Publishing
Historical Romance  ***Mary Murray, Content and Managing Line Editor, Lyrical Press
Romantic Suspense ***Kate Studer, Editorial Assistant, Harlequin MIRA
Inspirational Romance  ***Tracy Sherrod, Senior Editor, Harlequin Kimani Romance
Young Adult Romance ***Selena James, Executive Editor, Dafina Books at Kensington



Thank you,

a.c. Mason


CIM Special Interest Chapter of RWA

Weaving tales of love that dissolve barriers



Ethno-Cultural Romance: stories that focus primarily on the romantic relationship and revolves around Cultural, Interracial, or Multicultural aspects of the character(s), location(s) or theme(s).

Cultural: of a particular social, ethnic, religious group; character(s), location or theme(s) of a SINGLE CULTURAL
group (such as Native American, African American, Israeli, Hispanic, Iraqi, Irish… and other cultural groups)

Interracial: conducted, involving, or existing between different races. (MORE THAN ONE racial group.)  Which includes interracial (character(s)) of multiple ethnic, cultural or religions heritage/ancestry

Multicultural: of MORE THAN ONE culture relating to, consisting of, or participating in the cultures of
different countries, ethnic groups, or religions.

***End Forward***

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