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I’m not all fun and sense of humor. Since I survived the vortex, I need to get back to work that is more serious.

I sometimes blog about the workload of writing. At this point most of the work is self-imposed. What have I been up to? I’ve tweaked the website some.

 A lot but I’m going to focus on THE MINOAN CHRONICLES. If you remember, when I got back from RWA National’s in Washington, I said I was going to work on the planning part of writing. Now, maybe because I’ve only said a thing here and there you thought I gave up. I don’t know how to quit.

Yesterday, I finished the first attempt at the blurb for the third book, LIFE REINS in the series. Today, I finished the draft of the synopsis for the second book, DEATH REINS.  

My next step is to write the synopsis for book three and to continue wordsmithing the synopsis for book two and the blurbs.

A fellow writer and someone I’m honored to count as a friend designed a beautiful series post. When I saw the image, it captured the feel of the books. In typical Mason form, book one, NIGHT REINS, has an eclectic mélange.

Let me share the fruits of my labor with you.


Minoans are a blood drinking day walking dynasty of Crete thought to have vanished two millennia ago. They live among us protecting humans from the Nox— blood-sucking night creatures, our mutual enemy. The ancient Greeks live parallel to us but they face their greatest challenge yet, extinction.

TMC 01 (2)NIGHT REINS, 99, 000-words – Complete

Retired vampire slayer Tazrein Noir-Hue’s dreams crumble a fateful summer night. Lordel ruler of the Minoans lures her into his world. Life is on an upswing. She meets, an elusive general, who catches her eye, Mr. Elson. But someone wants her dead. Lordel offers her refuge so he can works his charm and makes her his wife. Sucked deep into an ancient society she doesn’t understand, she staggers along a dangerous path of secrets and death. She tastes Mr. Elson during a replenishing ceremony. Desire wakes. The Nox capture Mr. Elson and Tazrein then imprison the pair. The kindle between them ignites into flames. When free the lovers must leave their passion behind and return to their place and duties. Lordel shows his wife compassion and devotion. In return, he expects loyalty. Though, she cannot ignore the fire between them, a void grows inside her. She spirals out of control in a culture filled with strict laws. Mr. Elson pulls her from her desolate existence. Lordel and Mr. Elson know they must duel until one takes others head. Can she find her place in these converging worlds and relinquish the hurt bottled up to save the men she loves. Will she take the reins and lead them into a new dawn?

DEATH REINS, work in progress

Micha Knossos MD/PhD is the head geneticist at Pseira Industries. Her seemingly meaningless existence is about to take a sharp turn. The leader of her people wants her to direct a retrieval team to secure a group of compromised humans on the hitless of an angry Minoan faction. Aware of the dogmatic beliefs of Minoan males she asks that Shen Hue —a turned human be put on the squad though no one trusts him. The heat between the two has them breaking all the rules. They marry and Shen goes to prison for his part. Micha continues to track down targets when she finds herself buried alive with special agent Cornell Bronson. Bronson finally gets answers regarding the rash of murders all appearing linked to Ms. Knossos and the strange goings on at Pseira Industries. To save the beauty, he offers his life for hers but she gives him immortality. When rescued she must atone for her actions and face her husband. Can she prove her worth and heal the pain she caused. Will she save those in need of the Minoans protection as they fight for their own survival?


White shaman Soyala Kuuyi’s visions lead her into the grips of danger as she warns the Minoans of imminent threats. Eros Eira Middle Eastern representative, heads the liquidations of all company assets with the help Soyala on the black-market so his people can once again go underground until humans forget about their existence. Sparks castoff from the attraction of Eros to Soyala. Kalibe Knossos’s won’t leave before incubated samples have reached gestation. The survival of his race depends on the data of these samples. Soyala stays behind in hopes the spirits will inform her before the government closes in. Eros growing attachment prevents him from parting with the witch. The self-proclaimed alley cat Soyala becomes a fugitive as she helps the immortals stay one-step ahead of government’s taskforce out to imprison them. The closer she gets to Eros and Kalibe her spirit guides vanish until all she hears is the darkness inside the powerful males luring her. The Knight of Mortis storm Pseira Industries and capture primary target Soyala Kuuyi’s. Marks two and three surrender to save her life. Transported to a compound in the desert the three are tortured for information. The burn among, her and the two, ignites into flames. The murderous rage between Kalibe and Eros threatens to tear her to pieces. Can she save them and restore the natural balance between Minoans and Humans?

That’s me for today. I’ll keep all of you in the loop with developments related to the series.

Darkness ♀♂ Desires

Mason survives the total perspective Vortex.

I’m the only woman  known to survive the Total Perspective Vortex. That’s what my critique partner tells me.

The Total Perspective Vortex is allegedly the most horrible torture device to which a sentient being can be subjected.

When you are put into the Vortex you are given just one momentary glimpse of the entire unimaginable infinity of creation, and somewhere in it a tiny little mark, a microscopic dot on a microscopic dot, which says, “You are here.”

I say bring it on!!

Zaphod Beeblebrox, is the only man to have survived the Total Perspective Vortex.

I’m in good company.

Darkness ♀♂ Desires

Share the Universes

I came upon an interesting BBC interview with Michio Kaku. If you don’t know of Mr. Kuku, he is an American theoretical physicist specializing in string field theory, and a futurist.

Here is the interview.

For those of you who don’t know I’m fascinated by quantum physics. I like to blend science with spirituality, seems like an odd mix but both have always been a big part of my inner word. My work reflects both the physical and metaphysical aspects, such as in the case of the Minoan Chronicles.   

I live near the Perimeter Institute. Never heard of the place?

I can’t waiting until I return to my more Sci-Fi based works. I’m going to be sitting in on many a sessions coming up with the next set of story lines.

TORN, relates to dimensions and characters able to shift between. 

RETURN TO THE THRONE, which takes place between two universes with interesting alien species.

TAINTED SHEEP, a bleak human future with an assassination attempt hanging by a thread.

Hence, many of the reasons why I don’t blog much I’ve got a lot of writing to do with only a twenty-four hours in any given day.

I’d better get back to work.

Darkness ♀♂ Desires

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