His by pack law, and he wants more than her body. Will she be able to surrender her heart?

Switzerland, the winter of 1940. Alexia, a wolf-shifter, is mate to the Alpha of a powerful clan. Her life, the pack’s future and the lives of countless children the pack smuggles out of Europe are in jeopardy. The Gestapo want her blood to breed an unstoppable regiment endowed with her gifts. Cathen, the pack’s Epsilon-Beta, is charged with protecting her. When Alexia’s beloved mate is killed, Cathen becomes Alpha and by pack law, she is his new mate.

On the run from the Gestapo’s werewolves with Cathen, Alexia has no time to mourn. Can she resist what she’s beginning to feel for her protector, despite her aching loss? Should she try? If she rejects him–not so easy to do–he will die and the future of the pack she loves as family will be in danger. Cathen and Alexia’s destinies are bound together, and to find peace and love amid the horror of war, she must accept her fate and heal her new mate.

WARNING: This book contains a sexy Alpha with a sense of old world honor, a pack that shares more than just communal living, and no lack of hot Betas to follow. Graphic sex and M/M, M/F, F/F/F/F encounters.


Chocolate Temptation hit the top ten Fiction Are list:


5 Ravens

Make no mistake; Chocolate Temptation is a fabulous, sensuous stand alone paranormal novel; and I plan to read Chocolate Damsel soon. A.C. Mason delivers intrigue, adventure, physical interaction and serves it all on a silver platter enticing and fulfilling the palates of both male and female readers. ” Naunet

5 stars “A remarkable story, that I was hooked on from the beginning.  Chocolate Temptation was truly a love story!!!” Wanda’s review from read more here

EXCERPT: VanWolf lowered to Cathen’s eye level, pulled a bag from his shoulder and placed it on his lap. “I need you to make sure my wife is kept safe and out of Nazi hands. She’s in the next car. I won’t be far behind you. The rest of the pack is already on their way to the rendezvous location.”

The chill in his blue eye iced Cathen’s soul. “Yes, sir.”

VanWolf rose, spun back in the direction he’d come from and exited.

Cathen got up and headed through the adjoining doors between the train’s cars. Passengers slept in their seats as he weaved his way to her. Heaviness weighted his shoulders. Spending the next few days trapped with the blissful Alexia and VanWolf sounded as fun as getting his fingernails ripped out with a pair of pliers.

Alexia sat staring into the night. Then her gaze met his in the reflection of the window. A red shawl covered her head and wrapped over her mouth.

What is it?” She shifted toward him.

“Come.” He extended his hand to her.

They were all accustomed to vanishing on a moment’s notice. She placed her gloved fingers in his palm. Her touch tormented his senses, igniting warmth within his chest. He directed her back and opened the emergency door. Cold night air assaulted his skin, cooling the inner fire raging. The trained slowed. He buttoned up his long gray wool jacket and put on his fedora. Cars on a road a few miles ahead intersected the tracks. This could be trouble. He hoped VanWolf knew what he was doing. The uncomfortable prickle in his chest told him werewolves were not far.

The conductor shouted and waved at the men getting out of the vehicles.

“When I say jump, we jump, all right?” Cathen grabbed her by the shoulders.

Alexia shook her head with her big green eyes fixed on him. “I can’t.”

“Why not?” Did she expect him to ask the conductor to stop the train? Their lives were in danger. There were creatures neither of them wanted to have an encounter with just ahead.

“I just can’t.” She crossed her arms.

Cathen would see about that, and pulled her near. Not wanting his body to register the feel of her, he leapt and twisted to break her fall. The icy snow bank jabbed into his back. The impact forced his lungs to plead for air. He held her secure to his chest.

“You didn’t have to do that.” With her pointy elbow, she stabbed his sternum, while the softness of her curves stirred a hunger lower that had gone dormant. Being this near to her would only fan a fire better turned to ashes. But such was life and his suffering.

“You’re welcome, princess,” he said