Chocolate Damsel-Cover

Will her love break through his armor so he can be whole again?

In June of 1940, Nazis march into Paris, France. Brutality haunts the streets.

Engel VanWolf, the Alpha of a Shunu pack – immortals, who shift into wolf-spirit – has a painful past and the patch on his eyes serves as a reminder of human cruelty. No stranger to injustice, he poses as a Nazi officer to smuggle Jewish orphans from the city. Drawn to a seductive fragrance, chocolate skin, and velvet voice, VanWolf comes upon a human beauty, Alexia, in danger. A hunger long forgotten burns anew inside him.

Alexia Pane is taken in by the shunu pack, and finds communal living isn’t the only thing they share. When danger comes knocking, she’s sent to warn VanWolf, who has been discovered but needs rescuing of her own. As he whisks her to safety, he awakens her dormant passion. It’s not the flames of the city she fears, but the fire he invokes inside her. The closer she gets, the more he pushes her away. And then, she falls into enemy hands.

Can VanWolf save the woman he loves from a ruthless enemy and mend the pain he has caused?

Warning; This book contains a hot Alpha with an eye patch. A chocolate damsel in need of saving. A pack that shares more than communal living. F/M/F/M. A pack with no lack of hot betas to follow.


“I loved all the characters and the story was so emotional, I actually started to cry a little at some parts. ” Reviewed by Felicia Wright from read more here


5 cherries “And if you don’t like paranormal romance, just read Chocolate Damsel. It’ll change your mind.” Reviewed by Freesia from read more here


Excerpt: (The more risqué parts have been edited.)

Hadn’t he just rescued her?

“You’re a monster.” Stepping on uneven stone, Alexia flopped to one side.

“How true your words are.” VanWolf lifted her. “So don’t make this anymore difficult on yourself.”

Where had the werewolf vanished to? Did he pick up the scent of another predator and go for reinforcements, or was it only his job to watch?

A whiff of General Straks forced VanWolf into the small cobblestone alley.

The man’s reputation left a lot to be desired. A sadistic fellow who was into hurting the young pretty ones.

“Don’t struggle, or you’ll find yourself in much worse hands than mine, doll.”

Her dilated pupils searched through the dark corner he backed her into. He hoisted her up between him and the gray brick wall, then hiked her navy and white polka dot dress to her hips. Garter attachments held her stockings to her beige girdle. Her legs spread to a v-shape, leading to her thin matching panties.

“I’m going to kiss you. Play along.” Her warmth radiated past him.

She met his gaze with her pretty green eyes. “Haven’t I been?” Her sweet mint breath filled his nostrils, enticing him.

Had she known her part? Beneath his mouth, her soft petal lips surrendered.