His Mortal Soul

From Lyrical Press (March 5, 2012)

Can she save his immortal soul… and help him find heaven on earth?

Touching Sephora may cost Kieran his mortal soul…

Kieran has always been a good Catholic, even studying for the priesthood. But there are complications. A few weeks before his ordination into the priesthood, he was made a vampire.

And then there’s Sephora, the beautiful, independent American student who draws him to her. His “blackbird”, she seems to hold all the secrets to life and happiness, like the mythological creature of the ancient Celts. Despite his best intentions and though he knows he can only hurt her, her hold on him increases by the minute.

Although Ireland promised Sephora an escape from the horrors of a brutal attack she suffered two years ago, she has discovered that the true scars lie within. But being with Kieran melts away the pain and his touch provides her the refuge to reclaim her body.

WARNING: A gorgeous Irish hero and gutsy heroine. Biblical and religious themes that might offend. Graphic sex. The theme of survival and healing after sexual assault.


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This curse of being bitten and becoming a vampire was a test of his faith. And so was she. Kieran couldn’t let her lure him from saving his soul–from lifting the hex. Admittedly, stalking her wasn’t helping him achieve that. Nor did he have any intention of stopping. Father O’Brian would be disappointed, but tonight was Kieran’s last on earth. Better he spend his time where he wanted to be–with her.

A well-dressed male student wrapped an arm around her and guided her away from the hall through the exit. Inside, students wasted money and brain cells in the name of a good time.

The door shut behind the clift–fool–and her, muting the blaring music. The asphalt pathway where they walked was deserted. The freckle-faced man laughed as he stumbled. The scent of his illicit intent reached Kieran. He hadn’t thought she was that type of woman, but lately he’d learned he was wrong about a great many things.

The devil and demons weren’t just the stuff of myth and legends. Evil dwelled within the heart of every human. All that was needed was something to unlock it.