(1NS) Decadent Publishing October 25, 2011

Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer, Era Bennu has a thing for combustible situations. All she wants is one smokin’ night with two hot supernaturals before she goes out in blaze of glory on her current mission.

Scorch marks are the insignia of the Phoenix. This anniversary’s gift for mates Seneb Keita and Cinaed Bryce is explosive. They’re going to savor one searing night with a woman that they can share.

What they get is a firestorm and Era finds serenity in the midst of a roaring blaze.

Can she accept her destiny to play with fire when she’s the one meant to rise from the ashes?



Stars: 5
Flames: 5
I recommend Firestorm if you are looking for a unique read about sexy characters who know what they want and set the pages on fire! (full review)
October 28, 2011

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October 27, 2011

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“Room 201.” Era shoved the email printout in her backpack, removed the room key, and swung the strap onto her shoulder.

Why hadn’t she noticed the irony until now? Two on one. Clever. Not a soul had bothered her through the check-in process as per her instructions. If anyone had, her classic “and whom do you think you are” look would have stopped them dead! If not, she could flash her Secretary of Defense issued hall pass.

“Ecstasy, here I come.” At the age of thirty-two, one last thing remained on her list of desires. Tonight she would strike this fantasy off the list.

So far, Madame Eve seemed to be running a tight operation and appeared to be on the up and up. In less than fourteen minutes, two amazing supernatural males would walk into this very room to give her a night she’d never forget. Maybe her last night on earth. Tomorrow she was Iraq-bound for a Black Ops mission involving a missing diplomat, a terrorist bomb, and her skills to defuse. If such a result could occur. Highly explosive situations were unavoidable in her life. Most of the team would be coming home in pine boxes with flags draped over them; they had a point one percent chance of survival under the circumstance. But for the safety of her fellow Americans, it was a price she would gladly pay. All the team would.

In her haste to get this night squared away, she hadn’t specified what type of supernaturals, just that they be a kind that couldn’t infect or maker her into what they were. Please let them have talents no human male possessed. Not that she knew much about the paranormal. Though she’d always been drawn to the unknown. She had chalked up her fascination with paranormal activity to a desire to escape from the cruelties humans could inflict on each other, which she’d seen firsthand. Tonight was about her.

No matter what her ex had said about her, she wasn’t frigid. So she didn’t want another woman in her bed. She’d be more than happy to be of service to a few good men. Two to start. And then who knows, if after tomorrow dawn rose on another day, and she wasn’t disfigured for life—the world would be hers for the taking. Technically, they weren’t men either. they were…. Well, she didn’t know yet.

The hall was vacant. The Castillo Resort even managed to ensure a clear coast on her arrival at her room. What service!

She unlocked the door, opened it, and stepped in.

Sin incarnate stood with a towel around his neck.